Dead Sea + Himalayan - Bath Salt Pouch

Dead Sea + Himalayan - Bath Salt Pouch

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Enjoy a relaxing bath with our Dead Sea + Himalayan Salt bath salt.

Dead Sea Salt + Himalayan salt are full of skin-loving minerals and ingredients to help soothe skin, relax muscles and draw out toxins to deep clean the skin.

Infused with body safe fragrance:
Peach Nectar • Raspberry • Magnolia • Jasmine • Honeysuckle • Sheer Musk.

16oz Stand-up Pouch
Sprinkle into a warm bath. Let water dissolve salts or enjoy right away.

Dead Sea Salt:
Natural exfoliator • Replenishes Skin Moisture • Purifies pores •Calm Skin allergies like eczema and psoriasis •Soothes sore joints + muscles

Himalayan Sea Salt:
Stimulates circulation • Improve skin quality • Helps to calm the mind and aide better sleep • Reduce aches + paints • Detoxify skin

Himalayan Sea Salt helps to remove toxins from the body using reverse osmosis. The minerals help to draw out the bad toxins from the body that we absorb from our food, our air, our water and other personal + household care products

Minerals included:
•Magnesium - detoxifies and cleanses skin to help heal damaged or inflamed skin
•Potassium - helps to regulate moisture level of the skin reducing puffiness
•Sodium - helps cleanse and exfoliate skin as well as relieve sore muscles
•Calcium - can promote skin growth, retain moisture and stimulate production of antioxidants
•Bromide - soothing and relaxing affect
•Sulphates - helps to decongest pores
•Iron - helps to carry oxygen through the body
•Zinc - boosts immune system